The Finding of Martha Lost

Martha is lost.

She’s been lost since she was a baby, abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris to Liverpool. Ever since, she’s waited in Lime Street Station lost property for someone to claim her. It’s been sixteen years, but she’s still hopeful.

In the meantime, there are lost property mysteries to solve: secret tunnels under the station, a suitcase that may have belonged to the Beatles, the roman soldier who appears at the same time every day with his packed lunch. Not to mention the stuffed monkey that someone keeps misplacing.

But there is one mystery Martha has never been able to solve - until anonymous letters start to arrive, offering hope that the past and the family she is so desperate to know might not be lost forever after all.

Time is running out, though - the authorities have found out about the girl in lost property, and if Martha can’t discover who she really is, she will lose everything…

A peculiarly charming story of friendship, fairy tales and finding your own sense of identity. Perfect for fans of Amelie, Hugo and Elizabeth is Missing.

What People Are Saying

The Finding of Martha Lost combines the themes that Caroline Wallace is so good at writing about - love, loss, fairytale, fantasy, desire and mystery whilst giving you a fuck off great big punch in the heart while you're least expecting it.

There is something reminiscent of Roald Dahl about this story, it has a magical, slightly surreal feel to it, is full of unique characters and has the right mix of laughter, sadness and slight menace and darkness that typified Dahl’s work.
Janet, From First Page To Last

Romantic, moving and evocative, I was completely engrossed by this book.
ChickLit Club

This magical book had me bewitched within a few paragraphs. Martha is an irresistible character, who brings light and laughter into the lives of every person she meets - and will do to yours too! If you love the films Amelie or Hugo, you will adore this magical modern fairytale. I just hope rumours of a movie adaptation are true.
GoodtoKnow, Essentials

If the world were filled with Marthas it would be a better place.
Linda Hill, Linda's Book Bag

For a character to not even feel fictional, to feel like someone who actually lived is a rare thing for an author to achieve in a story but Caroline Wallace has with this remarkable piece of work.
Shaun, Book Addict Shaun

This is a book of magic and wonder; where fairy tales and real life intermingle, producing an intoxicating brew which will leave you thirsting for more!
Katherine Sunderland, BiblioManiac

A funny, touching and lyrical story of fairy tales, friendship and finding yourself.
Sophie Glorita, Back to the Books

I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel that has so many references to cake.
Helen, A Bookish Baker

Martha in particular stands out, with her indestructible joie de vivre, constantly looking for the good in everyone and the joy in the little things. This book deals with some sensitive topics (like domestic abuse) in an incredibly delicate manner and builds a gorgeous modern fairytale about finding yourself.
Book For Thought

A magical fairytale that brings Liverpool into glorious life and has a truly charming star of a protagonist in Martha.

One of Marie Claire's must-reads of April 2016.
Marie Claire

It's such a beautiful fairytale. My heart melted for Martha.
Actress, Ciara Baxendale

One of Cathy Rentzenbrink's top picks in Prima's cracking reads (April 2016).
Cathy Rentzenbrink, Prima

The Stylist list Martha as one of the 'The most gripping new reads of March' calling it a 'charming tale'.
The Stylist

It's a modern fairy tale you'll adore.

A charming, quirky tale that I really took to.
Woman & Home

Charming, magical and beautifully imagined.
Cary Bray

It's like a Scouse Shadow of the Wind.
Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letterbox

A true delight from start to finish. Utterly charming and completely satisfying.
Deborah Install

A glorious, glittering kaleidoscope of a novel with vivid, magical characters popping into view with each turn of the page.
Lovely Treez Reads

Adored The Finding of Martha Lost. Funny, sweet, sad love story to Liverpool. Can't stop thinking about it.
Keris Stainton

It's a fairy tale for grown ups. You'll laugh, you'll love, you'll cry and you'll really hate, but in the end, you'll leave this book feeling happy and joyous.
So Many Books, So Little Time

The Finding Of Martha Lost’ takes the reader on a healing journey. With Martha we find out what it is like to be lost and what it might take to be found.
Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

Charming, magical and beautifully imagined
Cary Bray